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Published on January 27, 2008 By COL Gene In Politics

After listening to Mike Huckibee as well as some very knowledgeable economists I have come to the conclusion the rebate checks to people is not the answer to help our economy.

First, giving these rebate checks to people earning as much as $150,000 is ridiculous. People making six figures will most likely not spend the added money and if the do it will NOT be on something made in the U.S.

The case has been made that $150 Billion is too small to impact a $13 Trillion dollar economy and that too much will be spent on goods made outside the U.S, and will not do a thing for our economy. In addition because the money will be borrowed we will end up paying interest on that added debt much of which will also be paid to foreign investors.

We should use the money to rebuild the U.S. Infrastructure and create renewable energy for our country. In that way the money will go to U.S. labor and we can insure that the materials and equipment used is made in the U.S. In addition, when we have completed the roads, bridges, dams, wind mills and solar energy plants we will continue to get the benefit from that investment.

Applying the $150 Billion to domestic projects will insure Americans will benefit while the projects are being built and will benefit us when they are completed. If we give that money to individuals who spend it at Wal-Mart, it will NOT create U.S. Jobs and will not help our economic problems! It will just add more to the national debt!

on Jan 28, 2008
Oh come on gene, this is income redistribution at its finest.  FREE MONEY to people who don't even pay taxes!

We need to make the tax cuts permanant, cut more taxes, cut all social and useless spending, and then tell Americans to wise up when it comes to their finances.