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Published on January 28, 2008 By COL Gene In Politics

The AP under the by line of Robert Burns reports that the situation in Afghanistan and the border areas in Pakistan is deteriorating and without more forces we could lose this fight.

Senior U.S. Military commanders said the danger from al-Qaeda is greater from the operations in border area of Pakistan and Afghanistan then anything in Iraq. In fact the growth of al-Qaeda in Pakistan is the worst of all areas according to our senior military commanders.

This is in direct conflict with what Bush and McCain have been telling us. They claim the central problem with al-Qaeda is in Iraq and that does not square with our military commanders. We have the bulk of our military in the wrong area to effectively deal with the real threat.

Another example where Bush and his supporter McCain is NOT telling the Voters the truth.

on Jan 28, 2008


WASHINGTON - In a shift with profound implications, the Bush administration is attempting to re-energize its terrorism-fighting war efforts in Afghanistan, the original target of a post-Sept. 11 offensive. The U.S. also is refocusing on Pakistan, where a regenerating al-Qaida is posing fresh threats.

Privately, some senior U.S. military commanders say Pakistan's tribal areas are at the center of the fight against Islamic extremism

LOL.  Wouldn't trust that from the AP.


on Jan 28, 2008
So, you're saying Bush's policies have succeeded in driving AQ from Iraq. 'Bout time you gave him credit for something.
on Jan 29, 2008
The "Colonel" thinks that Al Qaeda in Iraq is one of those Kurdish legends: