Evaluation of the policies of George W. Bush and his Republican conservatives on America.

The GOP senators have blocked help to 250,000 Disabled Vets who do not earn enough to receive the rebates and have blocked millions of unemployed from extending their benefits.

These people not only have denied the most effective elements of any stimulus package but show they DO NOT care about the people in our country that NEED help. For the GOP to tell us they care about our military and deny 250,000 disabled vets the rebates is sickening.

A POX on the GOP and their Conservative values! The Conservatives needs to be relegated to the waist bins of history in November 2008!

on Feb 07, 2008
This just goes to show how stupid you really are and how they should have banned you from the site all together. The purpose of the stimulus package was not to help people out financial but to give the economy a boost. People are expected to spend this money on what ever they want to buy so that the economy can get a small push in the right direction. This was not about giving more money to the "needy". All was well with this package until the Senate got their hands on it and decided to make a few "modifications" to it and screwed up everything. But of course, you don't blame the Democrats in the Senate for stalling this package knowing what they did would cause a conflict.

As usual, Democrats what to get their way and add more crap to a bill that they know Bush will not accept just so they can blast it all over the Media, just like you are doing now. The GOP don't care? Maybe you should look at the ones putting up the road block as oppose to the ones not wanting to go over it. As usual you only care about what Bush and the GOP do but completely dismiss the actions of the Democrats.

I think it's about time Brad went all the way and just delete your entire account. You don't deserve to even have an opinion when you won't take into account all the corruption and instead only focus on 1 party. I may not like the ideals of the Democratic Party, but they are still Americans like me who have the right to believe in their values. I may think their ideas are stupid from time to time, but I seriously doubt their intentions are to destroy this country.
on Feb 07, 2008
Having an opinion is one thing, spewing garbage like this is wrong.

I vote to have Col's account banned for good.