Evaluation of the policies of George W. Bush and his Republican conservatives on America.

WHY did McCain not vote on the Senate Bill to give disabled Vets and the very poor rebates? Why did McCain not support millions of unemployed from receiving unemployment benefits? McCain’s vote to pass the stimulus bill would have been the 60th vote and would have passed this bill. He choose NOT to vote so he did not piss off the Conservatives while turning his back on our disabled vets, the poor and the unemployed. If that is what you mean by being a Conservative I want none of it. McCain did not have the courage to vote and the failure to meet his responsibility has stalled this help to those the need it most. In my paper today is a picture of Senators McConnell and Kyl clapping as the defeated help for our vets, poor and unemployed. What a despicable sight that is to see!

I will not support McCain or any ANY Conservative. Senator McCain you are a MAJOR Disappointment to me as a retired Army Colonel and American!

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