Evaluation of the policies of George W. Bush and his Republican conservatives on America.
Published on February 10, 2008 By COL Gene In Politics
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Posted: Sunday, February 10, 2008
Am I the only one who sees the humor in those?

It's like a little kid who screams for attention when people ignore him.

I also notice in genes articles he never "cites" his sources.

Let me provide a source. Today on Late Edition on CNN Gen Powell was interviewed and asked about the deployment levels in Iraq. As part of that clip, CNN played a video of the testimony of the Chairman of the Joint chiefs before Congress as well as a quote from the Army CoS. They both said the strain on the Army is SERIOUS and we must reduce the length of deployments for the Army and must provide more time between deployments. Gen Powell said on Late Edition today that we CAN NOT sustain 120-130,000 troops in Iraq. Within the last hour CNN has provided the conclusions of three of the TOP military officers in this country that says the Bush position of retaining troop levels at or close to their present levels is not possible. McCain has in effect said he would do the same thing and thus is at odds with the reality in the Army as described by the most knowledgeable military leaders in our country!

It is not IGNORING me that is the issue but IGNORING our most experienced military leaders by Bush and McCain as well as the “Brain Dead” on this Blog Site!

on Feb 10, 2008
Brain Dead? Oh crap...the zombies are here. Stock up on swords and shotguns people!

on Feb 10, 2008
Within the last hour CNN

Yawns....watching CNN is your first problem.  No bias there at all.

Your post titles are getting more and more creative gene.

on Feb 10, 2008
Gene, read the last 5 or 6 headlines of your posts and tell us again who is "brain dead".  LOL.