Evaluation of the policies of George W. Bush and his Republican conservatives on America.
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October 7, 2004 by COL Gene
This week has produced three revelations about the Iraq War. The first strike came from Amb. L. Paul Bremer who admitted we did not have enough troops in Iraq. He also told the American People that he pleaded with George W. Bush for more troops to prevent the carnage that is taking place every day in Iraq. Bush turned a deaf ear to his chief official in Iraq and now claims that the "Generals on the ground" did not ask for more troops. The truth is that during the planning phase the Army CoS sai...
October 5, 2004 by COL Gene
Everyday more and more becomes public knowledge about Iraq . The CIA, in response to a request from VP Dick Cheney, undercuts the rational of Bush and Cheney that there was a conection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida. This is a separate conclusion from the 9/11 Commission. Today reports were released that Former Ambassador L. Paul Bremer acknowledged that we did not have enough troops in Iraq and that he told President Bush we needed more troops. On Monday night Ambassador Breme...
October 3, 2004 by COL Gene
The President ignored the advice of the Army CoS as to the number of troops required in Iraq. The CoS was correct and Bush was wrong!

The Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O'Neill stated that Bush did not even read the memo's sent to him by his most senior staff.

Secretary of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Chairman told Bush his tax cuts should be tied to an available surplus to pay for them. They told Bush he should NOT RETURN TO ANNUAL DEFICITS and increase the National Debt. Bu...
October 2, 2004 by COL Gene
"Starving the Beast" is a theory that says, the conservatives are creating a financial crisis by drastic cuts in taxes with sizeable increases in spending. Professor Paul Krugman of Princeton is one who talks about this idea. This theory says,the purpose of creating this fiscal crisis is to attack Social Security and Medicare which many conservatives hate. It is doubtful President Bush is the author of this idea but may be the means for conservatives to make it happen.

Wether the fiscal ...
October 1, 2004 by COL Gene
He converted an "Evil Dictatorship" to the worlds worst "terrorist haven" in Iraq!

He has turned a budget surplus to the largest deficit in our history!

His economic policy and tax cuts have failed to produce jobs for the 5 Million new workers that entetred the work force since he bacame president!

Five million Americans have lost their health coverage since he took office!

Prescription drug prices have gone up more than his "prescription Discount Card" will save!

He has turned o...
September 30, 2004 by COL Gene
It keeps getting better and better. It turns out that Delta Kappa Epsilon applied hot branding irons made out of coat hangers to the backs of pledges when George W. Bush was President of the Fraternity at Yale. The branding was done to 40 pledges and the hazing scandal was reported in the campus newspaper. The story was investigated and the fraternity was fined for the branding by the Yale Interfraternity Council. In a school newspaper interview with George W. Bush explained away the incide...
September 30, 2004 by COL Gene
Yesterday I reveiced a note and letters from Professor Yoshi Tsurumi, the economics professor of George W. at Harvard. Professor Tsurumi provided me two pieces of information that helped flush out the charecter of George W.

He provided copies of letters he wrote (published in The Scarsdale Inquirer) and one written by Nicholas D. Kristof of the New York Times . Mr. Kristof vetted the claims of Professor Tsurumi, who has been the victim of vicious attacks by the White House operatives.
September 29, 2004 by COL Gene
One of the most distructive policies of President Bush and his conservatives in Congress is the fiscal policy we are following. This policy is to drastically cut tax revenue while increasing spending. The result is a structural deficit. This began for real in 1980 with the Reagan tax cuts and spending increases. It is true, tax rates prior to 1980 were too high and some reduction was needed to stimulate the economy. However, the extent of the cuts and the size of the spending increases started ...
September 29, 2004 by COL Gene
President Bush tells us the economy has created almost 1.5 million jobs since August 2003. That means we are only about 1 million below the number when he took office. What the president does not tell the American people is that over the past 3 3/4 years since he took office, about 5 million new workers have tried to enter the job market. For us to remain just even, the economy must create about 120,000 new jobs each month to keep up with our population growth. The economic policies of George W...
September 28, 2004 by COL Gene
President Bush has been going to community after community telling Americans that the economy is improving. Remember his earlier claim, "we are turning the corner" In many of the states he visits with this message, workers can not find work or if they can it is at a pay level far below their old job. Millions of American workers have lost their health benefits since President Bush took office. In fact, the example Mr. Bush points to most often is the creation of jobs by small business. These a...
September 26, 2004 by COL Gene
As usual, the political pondents, as well as the president avoid the real issue about the National Guard service of George W. Bush. The focus is on the CBS documents not the truth of the president's service and his truthfulness about that service today.

First is how Bush got into the Guard. He contends he got in through his own merits. That has been shown to be untrue. The former Speaker of the Texas House, Ben Barns has admitted a friend of the senior Bush asked him to get George W. into th...
September 26, 2004 by COL Gene
Gary Rosen of Midwest Book Review states," This is a book that should be read by anyone who feels this (the Bush Administration) is a compassionate presidency. "

Reader comments from Amazon: "This ia s terrific book" "It made the case for regime change with more reasons in fewer pages than any other auther I've read so far" "This book is a comprehensive look at the Bush policies and their likely impact if President Bush is reelected." " No BS - just facts and documented analysis." "It ...
September 25, 2004 by COL Gene
The stakes in this election are high and will carry forward for many years. The policies we are following under the Bush administration should be understood." Four More For George W?" outlines his policies, tracks their impact to date and looks at what will happen if he is reelected. This book is a quick read and is available toll free at 888 280 7715. It is also on the Web at www.authorhouse.com and from other online book sellers.