Evaluation of the policies of George W. Bush and his Republican conservatives on America.
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December 21, 2007 by COL Gene
In my book, George W. Bush Robin Hood For The Rich I talk about the need to shift to laser type weapons rather then the point to point star wars systems Bush has been pushing. In June 2007, Scientific American had an article about the development of the Beam type weapons that use solid-state lasers that can produce a beam of 100 kilowatts.

The systems would have an “infinite magazine” of low cost shots that could be used to destroy incoming artillery and mortars shells, missiles, detonate...
December 21, 2007 by COL Gene
The help President Bush signed into law this week will help some 200,000 people with mortgages that are in trouble. Some argue that Tax Payers should not bail out the bad choices of individual home owners or the mortgage industry. If the consequences of these failures only impacted those who made the bad choices that rational would make sense.

The problem is that the magnitude of the mortgage failures could trigger a major recession and credit crises. That is why the fed and Bush have dec...
December 20, 2007 by COL Gene
I guess the assessment of Professor Toshi Tsurumi, who was the economics teacher GWB had at Harvard, was correct when he said George Bush was one of his worst students. Professor Tsurumi said a teacher remembers the best and worst students over the years.

George Bush was fortunate in that when he took office we had a balanced budget for the first time in over two decades. We had tax rates that produced just enough revenue to meet our spending levels. Bush and his GOP supporters in Congres...
December 16, 2007 by COL Gene
Today on Meet the Press Mitt Romney was on the griddle. Tim Russet did a great job of documenting the areas where Romney flip flopped. Romney responded “that a person can learn and then change” which is true for most people with the possible exception of President George W. Bush. The fact is that most of the changes in the positions of Mitt Romney about Abortion, Gun Control, Stem Cells, Taxes and Health Insurance correspond to when Romney was running for Governor of Liberal Massachusetts a...
December 14, 2007 by COL Gene
There was a day when the interests of Big Business were more in line with what was best for America. That day is over. Today the drive for higher and higher profits by large international companies is eliminating American jobs and this country is rapidly becoming indebted to the rest of the world.

Our country is becoming dangerously dependent of foreign producers for our most basic needs. Trade agreements make it difficult for American made goods to be sold to other countries and we are a...
December 14, 2007 by COL Gene
For the second time Bush vetoed the bill that would provide millions of children health care. The compromise bill changed the two major objections Bush had to the first bill he vetoed. It lowered the income levels and eliminated illegals from coverage.

For anyone to say Bush is a Compassionate Conservative is a LIE! Bush is an evil man who acts in a way that shows he is a hypocrite when he claims to be a Christian! What a disgrace to our great country to have a leader the likes of George ...
December 13, 2007 by COL Gene
The Democratic debate was very different from the GOP debate yesterday. For one thing the Democrats provided far more responsive answers to the questions then the Republicans. Second the thrust of almost every issue for the Democrats was focused on average Americans rather then on Big Business and the wealthy.

On the issue of education the thrust was to improve PUBLIC education and make the quality of that in the cities and rural areas equal to the affluent suburban areas. It was not to e...
December 13, 2007 by COL Gene
The GOP presidential debate yesterday contained a segment about the fiscal problems facing our country. The moderator sighted the Comptroller General warnings about the debt and continued budget imbalance as well as the coming problems with funding Medicare and Social Security. The GOP candidates agreed with the assessment of the Comptroller General that we have created a very serious problem. However when the questions of how to deal with this were pursued it became clear none of the GOP c...
December 9, 2007 by COL Gene
The Secretary of HEW admitted yesterday that the budget for the FDA is not close to what is needed to protect the countries food and drug supply. This is an astounding admission from a member of the Bush Cabinet. We have had 7 Bush Budgets and for six of those years the GOP controlled Congress. During that period imports have doubled and the funding for the FDA has dropped. This clearly shows how misguided the priorities are from the Bush Administration. We have wasted more in Iraq than we ...
December 6, 2007 by COL Gene
A bill that would provide significant movement to deal with making America more energy independent passed the House. The Senate Republicans threatened a Filibuster and the White House threatened a VETO of this bill. Below is a summary of the provisions of this important legislation:

Highlights of energy legislation in the House.
_ Car Mileage: Requires automakers to increase the fuel economy of cars and small trucks, including SUVs, by 40 percent to an industry average of 35 miles per ga...
December 4, 2007 by COL Gene
Bush has been telling the world we must stop Iran from going nuclear and our intelligence agencies say they ended their nuclear program in 2003. Last month Bush was warning about the grave danger from Iran and talking about WW III. The conclusions of our intelligence agencies and the Bush rhetoric are not in agreement. What does Bush say about the latest Intelligence that has been made public? He says it shows we are in danger from Iran.

There is something very wrong with Bush. No m...
December 1, 2007 by COL Gene
The comments of Senator Chuck Hagel about the Bush Administration are the most significant to date. Last week it was Scott McClellan but Senator Hagel’s stature in American Politics is far greater. He is considered one of the most competent members of the Senate by both Republicans and Democrats.

I can’t wait to see how the Bush Spin Doctors try and deal with what is a damming assessment of the tenure of George W. Bush as President of the United States? Time will produce a very long str...
November 30, 2007 by COL Gene
I suggest we CUT the interest in the budget from about $500 Billion per year to back where it was in 1981 which was $50 Billion.

How did our spending on interest jump by 10 times over the past 30 years?

Reagan is responsible for $150 Billion per year

Bush 41 added about $50 Billion

Clinton added about $50 Billion

Bush 43 another $200 Billion.

That is a total of $450 Billion since 1981 of which $400 Billion was added during Republican administrations.

For all those Conser...
November 29, 2007 by COL Gene
Last night several candidates talked about the so called “Fair Tax”. That is a proposal to replace Federal Income, Medicare and Social Security taxes with a sales tax up to 30%. It was touted as FAIR which is a lie pure and simple. This is another Conservative plan to further lower the taxes on the wealthy.

Let’s take a look at just what a 30% sales tax would do.

The wealthy taxpayers only spend a portion of their income. Any income that they did not spend would escape this tax. A pe...
November 28, 2007 by COL Gene
Bush has been sounding the warning that in about 15 years Social Security will be at the Tipping Point where tax collections do not equal the retirement benefits. Early in his administration he appointed a commission that consisted of people who like Bush decided the answer was Private Accounts. That was rejected by Congress and the Vast Majority of Americans because it did not fix the funding problems with Social Security.

At the same time he was telling us how big of a problem we had w...